All news articles for August 2017

Russia has developed a drug that may prevent anthrax outbreaks

Russian scientists develop new drug against anthrax

By Eugene Vorotnikov, in Voronezh, Russia

Russian scientists have developed a diagnostic drug that may prevent anthrax outbreaks in livestock by identifying which animals need to be re-vaccinated against the disease. 

Kane Beef was impacted by Hurricane Harvey which hit Texas

Storm Harvey-hit Kane Beef plant reopens

By Oscar Rousseau

Texas-based meat processor Kane Beef has reopened its plant, which was closed temporarily after sustaining “damage” caused by the catastrophic flooding from tropical storm Harvey. 

HKScan has set out the ambition to be Scandinavia's leading poultry processor

HKScan aspires to be Scandinavian poultry giant

By Oscar Rousseau

Finland-based HKScan aims to be Scandinavia’s leading poultry processor, according to a company-wide strategy, crafted to revitalise the loss-making business. 

Amur Broiler has had to cull one million birds due to presence of avian influenza

Russian poultry company culls one million broilers over AI fears

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

One of the largest poultry producers in the Far East part of Russia, Amur Broiler, has culled one million heads of broilers since mid-August, when laboratory inspection of samples taken from the corpses of dead poultry showed the possible presence of...

A price fixing investigation into Tyson Foods has been dropped

Tyson Foods price-fixing probe ends

By Oscar Rousseau

An investigation into allegations of chicken price fixing by meat giant Tyson Foods has been dropped by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Memphis Meats has received significant investment from Cargill

Cargill invests in lab-grown meat outfit

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat giant Cargill has joined business tycoons Bill Gates and Richard Branson by investing millions of dollars in lab-grown meat start-up Memphis Meats.