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Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new metal detection platform
Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new metal detection platform
Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new metal detection platform that boasts the ability to identify contaminants that are up to 70% smaller than previous technologies. 

The Thermo Scientific Sentinel multiscan metal detector scans up to five frequencies to help food manufacturers find ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants in products.

The Sentinel metal detector is designed for a wide range of applications, offering improved performance for products such as dairy, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, bread, and health and beauty, according to the company.

By scanning five separate frequencies, it overcomes what is known as ‘product effect’, where the signal from a particular type of metal can be hidden inside the electromagnetic response of the product.

With previous technologies, switching the operating frequency could make the hidden metal detectable, but could then make a different type of metal undetectable. Thermo Fisher has designed the Sentinel to alleviate this problem by scanning multiple frequencies, increasing the probability of finding all random sizes, shapes and types of embedded metal foreign objects.

The Sentinel metal detector has the same footprint and aperture location as its predecessor, the APEX 500 metal detector, so users seeking to upgrade to the new platform can do so easily.

“The Sentinel metal detector’s multiscan functionality raises the bar for detection capability, flexibility and performance,”​ said Bob Ries, lead product manager, product inspection for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Scanning many frequencies with one detector means that the probability of detection exponentially increases, reducing the risk of costly contamination events that require rework, scrap and recalls. With the Sentinel metal detector, it is like having five separate metal detectors combined, each looking for contaminants at a different frequency.”

The Sentinel metal detector is set to make its global debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas, 25-27 September at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas,

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