Illegal abattoir condemned by meat industry

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The Australian meat industry has condemned an alleged illegal slaughterhouse in Victoria (stock photo)
The Australian meat industry has condemned an alleged illegal slaughterhouse in Victoria (stock photo)
The Australian meat industry has called for harsh sanctions against an alleged illegal abattoir in Victoria that has been exposed as part of an undercover surveillance operation.

The footage, aired by welfare group Aussie Farms, shows an animal being slaughtered without being stunned. The video also revealed several additional concerning practices including a complete disregard for biosecurity.

The incident was brought to the attention of Victorian Animal Justice MP Andy Meddick who called for stricter animal welfare laws. He said: “We don’t know how many of these brutal and unsanitary illegal slaughterhouses operate in and around Melbourne.

“Justice weeps at the state of our laws concerning animal cruelty. It's time to focus on legislating to protection animals, rather than trying to criminalise and penalise those who simply don't want them to suffer.”

If the meat from the animal is being sold, it will be up to regulator PrimeSafe to hand down punishment whereas if it isn’t being sold then the responsibility lies with Agriculture Victoria. Both agencies are investigating the footage.

Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) labelled the facility a “disgrace”​. CEO Patrick Hutchinson said Illegal, illegitimate operators have absolutely no place in the industry.

“The appalling lack of basic animal welfare awareness is distressing and disgusting,” he said. “Animal welfare and safety for stock and staff are the two most critical priorities in any legal operation and our members are simply horrified by this footage.

“The video shows workers butchering meat in their street clothes. There are other animals, including rather ludicrously, a peacock inside the shed, and meat products are transported in the boot of a car. Every element of the entire operation is completely shonky and we urge PrimeSafe not only to prosecute the operators but to pursue the maximum available penalties. This kind of operation damages our whole industry.”

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Illegal Abattoirs

Posted by Chris,

Tip of the iceberg! Everyone knows who the major culprits are for non-stun slaughter and total lack of anything to do with animal welfare. When will the government implement a major crack down on these barbaric practices with significant jail time for the culprits and return to their country of origin.

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Illegal Abattoir in Victoria, Australia

Posted by Douglas Lineham,

The Federal Government and Victorian State officials need to make a public (international included) display of the censuring for this illegal operation which must include the business being shut down. To ensure customer and consumer confidence across Australia and the world nothing less will suffice.
Further, the source of the livestock must be brought to account as well, they have to know their sales are to a shonky operation. Don't accept anything less on any account, justice must be done and seen to be done - the world is watching. Absolute shame on all of those involved, hope there was no "authorities turning a blind eye".

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