US farms to report toxic gas emissions

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US farms to report toxic gas emissions

By Oscar Rousseau

Livestock farmers will have to notify federal authorities if hazardous gas emissions exceed a certain level under rules coming into force on 15 November 2017.

Deforestation of the Amazon is down 70% between 2004 and 2016, according to Apex-Brasil

Brazil to improve sustainability image

By Oscar Rousseau

Brazil’s reputation was tarnished by a tainted meat scandal, but the biggest country in South America is working hard to improve its status as a sustainable food giant.

Smithfield Renewables will aim to keep the company on track to cut emissions by quarter

Smithfield Foods creates clean energy unit

By Oscar Rousseau

Virginia-based pork processor Smithfield Foods has set up Smithfield Renewables, an initiative to power its efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and spark sustainable energy projects.

Grass-fed beef will not save the planet, claims report

Grass-fed beef will not save the planet, claims report

By Oscar Rousseau

Rearing cows on grass is no better for the planet than commercial feed, and continued farming risks “devastating effects” to climate change if methane emissions are not urgently cut, new figures have suggested.

Tyson Foods took full responsibility for the violation

Tyson fined $2 million after toxic 'mistake'

By Aidan Fortune

Tyson Poultry, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods, has been fined $2 million for its part in an environmental incident that led to the death of more than 100,000 fish in Missouri.

Tyson Foods rebuffed claims it is 'driving massive manure and fertiliser pollution'

Tyson Foods condemns ‘misleading characterisation’

By Aaron McDonald

A report from environmental group Mighty Earth, which targeted Tyson Foods for allegedly heavily contributing towards a large ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico, has been condemned by the meat company. 

Impossible Foods recently reached milestones on food safety and intellectual property

Impossible? A plant-based burger just won $75m

By Oscar Rousseau

Start-up Impossible Foods has secured a “significant” $75m cash injection from investors, including Bill Gates and a Facebook founder, who now back a revolutionary plant-based burger that bleeds.

Russian meat producers remain upbeat despite the extended food embargo

Russian meat industry claims not to care about food embargo

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Despite statements from Russian officials, the effect of the Russian food embargo, recently extended to the end of 2018, on the domestic market is expected to be very limited, as key meat suppliers continue to be banned by veterinary restrictions, while...