Beef exports started falling in December 2017

EU beef, sheep and goat meat exports see rapid fall

By Keith Nuthall

The outlook for European Union (EU) beef, sheep and goat meat exports looks bleak, with sales tumbling, according to an EU agricultural markets 2018 and 2019 forecast, released by the European Commission.

EU slaughterhouse stunning should only take place if it is licensed and approved by regulatory authorities

ECJ rules on ritual slaughter in EU

By Keith Nuthall

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has confirmed that ritual slaughter without stunning may take place only in the EU within a slaughterhouse licensed and approved by regulatory authorities.

Brazil intends to fight EU restrictions on poultry imports

Brazil to dispute EU restrictions against poultry meat at WTO

By Liz Newmark, in Brussels

Brazil’s agriculture minister Blairo Maggi has announced that his country, as “the world’s second-largest producer and largest poultry exporter”, wants to contest the European Union (EU)’s restrictions on poultry meat exports at the World Trade Organization...

The EU's deal with Mexico is expected to boost port exports

EU-Mexico trade agreement to boost pork exports

By Liz Newmark, in Brussels

The European Union (EU) and Mexico have agreed, on 21 April in Brussels, a momentous revised trade deal meaning 99% of products will be traded duty-free, and potentially substantially increasing the EU’s pork exports to Mexico.