The UK and the US are currently at odds over differing food standards including poultry production

US-UK food standards war breaks out

By Aidan Fortune

The Government has been warned against a “race to the bottom” in food standards, following the US ambassador’s suggestion that the UK embrace practices such as chlorine-washed chicken.

The new restrictions could affect imports of nearly 600,000 tonnes of various products a year

Russia eyes new sanctions against Western meat producers

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia’s Federal Customs Service (FCS) has proposed extending the 2014 food embargo to prohibit imports of all kind of meat and breeding stock supplied to the country by the US, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Norway, Ukraine and a number...

AVEC said it expects to raise consumer confidence in eating poultry meat

AVEC launches program to promote EU poultry market

By Ashley Williams

The Association of Poultry Processors and Poultry Trade in the EU (AVEC) has created a program informing consumers about the production methods of poultry meat in the European Union.

Animal transport improvements examined

EU animal transport improvements urged

By Aidan Fortune

The European Parliament has called on the EU and its member states to better enforce existing rules on protecting transported animals and penalise all offenders.

Volker Gerloff will step down from the company

Management changes at Multivac

By Aidan Fortune

Packaging equipment provider Multivac has announced that the CEO of its Marking & Inspection division is to step down.

ProVeg speaks to GlobalMeatNews about 2019's meat alternative trends


Revealed: ProVeg’s meat alternative trends for 2019

By Ashley Williams

With just two months until ProVeg International’s New Food Conference in Berlin, Germany, GlobalMeatNews spoke with the organisation’s senior market research specialist about the future prospects of the accelerating meat alternative sector.

The US and Brazil has high hopes for the pork market despite the threat of ASF


Promising pork prospects despite ASF woes

By Ashley Williams

The Brazilian and US market is feeling optimistic about the growth of its pork industry during 2019 despite the threat of African swine fever (ASF) hanging over most pig producers.