Irish farmers have called for poultry prices to be increased to cover rising costs of production

Irish poultry farmers urge price rise

By Aidan Fortune

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) has called on processors and retailers to increase the price of poultry to support under-pressure producers.

Irish beef exports to the UK would be

Irish beef industry sees a catastrophe in no-deal Brexit

By Diana Yordanova

As the British House of Commons prepares to vote on the European Union (EU) withdrawal agreement negotiated by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the Irish beef sector has been warning that a no-deal Brexit would cause chaos and dramatically undermine Ireland’s...

Tensions are rising in the Irish beef industry over cattle prices

MII hits back at IFA’s criticism on beef processors

By Ashley Williams

Beef and lamb processing sector association Meat Industry Ireland (MII) has said blaming beef processors for cutting cattle prices fails to take into account the market realities and that the processing sector shares common ground with frustrations from...

Scandi Standard has acquired a majority stake in poultry processor Rokkedahl Foods

Scandi Standard acquires majority stake in Rokkedahl Foods

By Aidan Fortune

European poultry manufacturer Scandi Standard has entered into an agreement to purchase 51% of shares in organic chicken producer Rokkedahl Foods through its Danish subsidiary Danpo for an undisclosed sum.

The call is in response to its latest report into the Irish suckler beef industry

IFA calls for suckler target payment

By Ashley Williams

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has demanded the Irish agricultural board back its proposal for a targeted payment of €200 per suckler cow to support the “backbone” of the beef sector.

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