United Arab Emirates

The first deliveries will be supplied to UAE and Qatar

Russia to launch halal poultry exports in 2015

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia is getting ready to launch exports of halal poultry products to the Middle East in the coming months, Russian veterinary body Rosselkhoznadzor has announced. The first deliveries will be supplied to UAE and Qatar, with exports of halal chicken...

Higher-value cuts such as tenderloin continued to do well

Australia sees drop in Middle East beef exports

By Georgi Gyton

Australia saw its beef exports to the Middle East fall 13% last month, compared to January 2014, according to data from the Department of Agriculture, and compiled by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Increasing affluence is leading to increased meat consumption with many moving away from cereal-based foods

Gulfood says ‘more meat’ will be trend for 2015

By Georgi Gyton

A rapidly growing population in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will mean demand for protein-rich food such as meat is likely to increase, according to Gulfood.

Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition Dubai in pictures

Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition in pictures

By Georgi Gyton

GlobalMeatNews take you through a snapshot of the exhibitors at the recent Gulfood Manufacturing show in Dubai, looking at what products were being showcased and what exhibitors are noticing in the Middle East market.

Imports of meat have risen and fallen in line with population changes

Dubai highlights growing importance of halal meat imports

By Georgi Gyton

With prospects for economic growth in Dubai and the UAE looking positive, imports of food, particularly meat, will becoming increasingly important as the city’s population grows, according to a report by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Upbeat mood at Dubai show Gulfood

Upbeat mood at Gulfood

By GMN reporter

Traders visiting Dubai for the Gulfood exhibition described the mood as "resolutely upbeat".

Foie gras campaigners claim victory

Sir Roger Moore hits back at Fortnum & Mason

By Line Svanevik

Animal welfare campaigners are claiming a victory against the sale of foie gras as Fortnum & Mason announce that it will not be sold in its new Dubai store.

John Giles looks back and forwards

Looking back to look forwards

By John Giles, divisional director, Promar International

Although the New Year has come and gone, there is still the opportunity to both look back and forwards to see what has happened in the past 12 months and what might happen in the next 12.

FAO calls for policy shift on diseases

FAO calls for comprehensive global policy shift

By Keith Nuthall

The United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has called for a comprehensive and global response from governments to limit the potential of the world’s growing meat and livestock sector to spread disease to human consumers.