Brazil boasts the second largest cattle herd in the world, and exports more than a million head of slaughter cows per year

Brazil overturns short-lived cattle export ban

By Oscar Rousseau

The Brazilian government has overturned a two-day injunction on live cattle exports, imposed after animal activists claimed cows shipped thousands of miles abroad faced cruel treatment upon arrival.

The Fairplay Movement: frozen Brazilian chicken may be thawed, reworked and refrozen before reaching South Africans

Brazil hits back at 'health risk’ chicken claim

By Oscar Rousseau

The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) is “appalled” by allegedly defamatory remarks made by South Africa’s Fairplay Movement on the quality of Brazil’s chicken.

Clean food start-up JUST also counts a Saudi Arabian prince as one of its boardroom directors

Ex-BRF CEO joins lab-grown meat firm’s board

By Oscar Rousseau

The former CEO of Brazilian food company BRF, Pedro de Andrade Faria, has agreed to join the board of directors at JUST, a start-up growing real meat in San Francisco labs.

An SABC TV segment found that Brazilian chicken be thawed and refrozen multiple times before reaching shoppers

Brazilian chicken a ‘serious health risk’

By Oscar Rousseau

South Africa’s antidumping PR machine has claimed it’s “no surprise” imported Brazilian chicken could be thawed and refrozen before reaching consumers, an allegation reported by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Brazil's beef exports - rocked by rotten meat allegations - have resumed month-on-month growth

Brazilian beef exports keep on growing

By Oscar Rousseau

Brazil’s rising beef exports show burgeoning meat demand has outweighed any lingering concerns from the rotten meat scandal.

Hormel's NPD push comes after it recently acquired a California-based salami firm and value-added Brazilian business

News in brief

Hormel launches ‘no prep’ pork loins

By Oscar Rousseau

US meat processor Hormel Foods is targeting convenience-hungry consumers with a loin filet range that requires no prep or clean up.

Strong beef supply has weighed down the average carcase value of cattle

Global meat prices slip in December

By Oscar Rousseau

International meat prices dropped last month, according to the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) Food Price Index.