Eagle Product Inspection: The Vision to See Beyond Detection

Eagle Product Inspection: The Vision to See Beyond DetectionEagle Product Inspection is a global leader in advanced x-ray inspection technology, providing high quality machines, technical expertise and world-class service support to enable meat manufacturers...

Essentia Protein Solutions

Essentia - a story of strengthWith Essentia you not only draw on years of experience, you also draw on the total market strength of three unique companies - Proliant Meat Ingredients, Proliant Health and BHJ Ingredients. These companies are now gathered...

Eurofins Food Testing

Eurofins is the world leader in food testing to help clients to meet stringent quality and food safety standards. We provide a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques to support our customers’ in establishing the safety, composition,...

Eurofins Genomics

Eurofins Genomics, a member of the Eurofins Group with facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia, is an internationally leading provider of DNA sequencing services, NGS (next generation sequencing) services, genotyping services, DNA synthesis...

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