African Swine Fever

Food seized by DAERA officials at Northern Irish airports

ASF-contaminated meat seized in Northern Ireland

By Aidan Fortune

The Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has reiterated warnings about the risks of African Swine Fever (ASF) following the seizure of pork containing DNA fragments of the disease.

EU pork exports are tipped to grow over the next two years

EU pork exports tipped to grow

By Aidan Fortune

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit and African Swine Fever (ASF) has caused fluctuations in international pork markets, with EU exports tipped to rise in the next two years.

Countries at risk of ASF outbreaks, like Germany and Finland, have bolstered their preparedness for the disease

EU countries take measures against African swine fever

By Diana Yordanova

Cases of African swine fever (ASF) are still very common in Russia, despite the country’s continued ban on EU pork exports to the market, imposed since January 2014 following a handful of cases in Poland and Lithuania.

Russian meat producers say they will back the government's opposition to the EU

Russia to fight EU retaliatory duty bid over pigmeat ban

By Eugene Vorotnikov, in Voronezh, Russia; and Keith Nuthall

The Russian government will fight an application by the European Union (EU) at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for permission to impose retaliatory trade sanctions worth €1.39 billion over Moscow’s ban on EU pork and pigs.

Russia is to appeal against the WTO ruling on its pork exports

Russia may appeal WTO ruling on EU pig and pork exports

By Eugene Vorotnikov, in Voronezh, Russia; and Keith Nuthall

By the end of this month (September) the Russian government will appeal the recent ruling of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) opposing Russia’s swine fever-related ban on European Union (EU) exports of pigs, pigmeat and related products, according to...

The pig farmer has lost his entire pork livestock to African swine fever, according to the OIE

Ukraine hit with African swine fever

By Oscar Rousseau

A farm in the Kirovograd region of Ukraine has had to slaughter more than a dozen pigs after the African swine fever (ASF) disease was detected by health officials this week. 

Quarantine and pig culling as a result of the outbreak will hit Ukrainian companies hard

Largest African swine fever outbreak to hit Ukraine

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia is considering banning pork and pork product imports from Ukraine following a large-scale outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in Kiev Oblast, according to the press secretary of Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor. 

An outbreak was discovered at the Orelselprom pork complex

Cherkizovo suffers ASF outbreak

By Georgi Gyton

African swine fever (ASF) has been discovered at two of Cherkizovo’s pig fattening facilities in Russia.

The taskforce is looking to develop a 'solid common plan' to help eradicate ASF

Baltics and Poland unite to battle African swine fever

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki and Monika Hanley in Riga

Four Baltic rim states have reached an agreement on a programme of joint measures to combat the outbreak of the fatal African swine fever virus (ASF) in the region.