Animal Rights

McDonald's: 'We're working with Tyson Foods to investigate the situation'

McDonald's faces criticism after animal welfare video

By Chloe Ryan

Tyson Foods has shunned a Tennessee farm producing chicken for McDonald’s McNuggets after an animal rights group posted gruesome footage online depicting birds being clubbed and stabbed with a spiked pole.

The animal rights group claims up to seven million birds could be suffering

PETA files poultry lawsuit in California

By Georgi Gyton

Animal rights campaigner PETA has filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) with the Los Angeles Superior Court, in response to reports that allege one-third of chickens are being inadequately electrocuted.

Israeli slaughterhouse closed indefinitely

Israeli slaughterhouse closed indefinitely

By Helen Arnold

Israel’s largest slaughter house is to be closed indefinitely, following an undercover report which exposed inhumane treatment of Australian cattle. 

Live export: call for MPs to protect animal welfare

Australian MPs urged to act over live export

By Carina Perkins

An Australian animal welfare group has called for the heads of the country’s political parties to give a personal guarantee there will be no more cruelty in the live export trade.

Live exports: Australia halts shipments to Egypt over cruelty claims

Australia halts livestock exports to Egypt

By Carina Perkins

Australia’s livestock export industry has voluntarily suspended exports to Egypt after video footage showed “extreme” animal cruelty at abattoirs in the country.


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