Carbon Dioxide

The pig sector wants to assess how welfare can be improved at the point of slaughter


European pig sector to share intel on gas stunning

By Oscar Rousseau

Trade bodies backing the EU pig sector will start sharing information on gas stunning amid pressure from welfare activists who have long campaigned against the practice.

Pork CRC-supported Ryan Chen graduated with a PHD from Flinders University

Algae may help reduce emissions on pig farms

By Oscar Rousseau

Adding algae to wastewater may reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help pig farmers become more environmentally friendly, the Australian Pork Cooperative Research Centre (Pork CRC) claims.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's supports vegetarian diets as a means to tackle climate change

Hollywood stars call for meat consumption drop

By Oscar Rousseau

China has enlisted Arnold Schwarzenegger and film-maker James Cameron to call for lower meat consumption, with the government poised to tackle its environmental crisis. 

HKScan said replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy helped reduce emissions

Animal fat helps HKScan cut emissions by a third

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processor HKScan reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35% in 2015, and using animal fats for heating was one of several eco-friendly measures used to reduce its carbon footprint.

Farmers who participated in the study made annual saving of up to £23,000

McDonalds study helps beef farmers meet global CO2 target

By Oscar Rousseau

Fast-food chain McDonalds has unveiled one of the largest independent studies of UK and Irish beef farms, which it says identifies measures that can help farmers meet government standards for CO2 reduction and boost profits.

Global food wast costs $940bn per year

Leaders unite in Davos to tackle food waste

By Oscar Rousseau

A thirty-strong team of CEOs, politicians and agri-food experts will spearhead a global initiative to cut food waste by 50%, after meeting at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.

Chicken slaughter methods have been examined by the RSPCA at a conference in Toronto

RSPCA discusses slaughtering methods

By Chloe Ryan

A poultry processing conference in Canada has heard from a leading animal welfare scientist on the use of carbon monoxide as a slaughtering method.

The ALDF has called on Tyson to decrease the speed at which chickens are slaughtered

Tyson Foods accused of abuse at Texas plant

By Chloe Ryan

Tyson Foods has been accused of using “cruel and illegal” practices at a chicken abattoir in Texas by an animal rights group that filmed undercover at the plant in Carthage.