New Zealand livestock supplies dip in last quarter

New Zealand livestock supplies dip in last quarter

By Aidan Fortune

The remaining livestock available for processing in New Zealand for the rest of the season will be less than in any of the previous five seasons, according to a forecast by Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Economic Service (B+LNZ).

Delisi want to open butchers shops selling high-end beef and pork

China’s Delisi moves into beef farming

By Mark Godfrey

One of China’s best-known pork producers is aiming to have processing capacity for 300,000 head of beef cattle online by the end of 2018.

ZM Zakrzewscy has boosted its beef sites in a bid to increase exports to the EU, Canada and South America

Polish meat producer opens cutting facility to boost beef exports

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish meat producer ZM Zakrzewscy has launched a meat-cutting facility, fitted with a total surface of some 3,000 square metres, with the aim of increasing its exports of beef to the European Union, according to senior company representatives.

New Zealand meat exports in decline

New Zealand meat exports in decline

By Oscar Rousseau

Global sales of meat and wool from New Zealand have dropped in 2017, halting a year-on-year growth stretching back to 2013.

MPI admits unfit animals do arrive at abattoirs, but recent figures could not be obtained

App launched to stop the transport of weak animals

By Oscar Rousseau

A mobile app to help farmers determine if an animal is fit for transport has been launched, after New Zealand’s government admitted unfit animals have arrived at abattoirs.


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