Java, Indonesia, could be one place to set up a buffalo production hub

Indonesia urged to build cow hubs to hit self-sufficiency dream

By Telly Nathalia

The Indonesian government needs to establish new livestock production zones as it tries to boost meat production and consumption through imports of livestock and frozen beef, the Indonesian Meat Importers Association claims.

Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husbandry Bio-Engineering Co has seen a drop in profits

Loss-making Chinese semen provider looks to breed success

By Mark Godfrey

The slump in demand and pricing for dairy cattle is prompting one of China’s leading distributors of semen and pure-bred breeding cattle to expand into the beef feedlot and processing sector in order to improve its profit margins. 

Australian cattle herds have hit record lows

Australian cattle numbers hit 20-year low

By Aidan Fortune

Australian cattle supplies are at their lowest level in 20 years and likely to remain tight throughout 2017, according to Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) latest quarterly cattle industry update.

China will lower its import duty on Australian cattle by 10% over the next four years

China issues disease warning to Australia

By Mark Godfrey

A stern warning over disease control has come from an inspection boss at one of the largest ports on China’s east coast, which is ramping up preparations for importing live cattle from Australia.

The meat industry in the US is responsible for over five million jobs

Hides earn cash, as meat delivers 5% of US GDP

By Oscar Rousseau

Hides and skins generate $3.4bn for the US economy, while meat delivers 5.6% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), according to analysis by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

Wellard plans to deliver mass amounts of halal meat in time for Ramadan

Wellard wins Indonesian permits for beef exports

By Oscar Rousseau

Australian livestock exporter Wellard has secured permits from the Indonesian government to ship 250,000 live cattle to the archipelago state between May and August this year.

A sales executive said it had been 12 years since China recorded a fall in beef prices

Chinese beef firm blames falling prices for first-quarter loss

By Mark Godfrey

One of China’s most ambitious cattle breeders and genetics companies, Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husbandry Bio-engineering Co, has blamed a fall in beef and mutton prices for what it predicts is a $2m loss in the first quarter of 2016.

Cecilia Ruiz (centre) with executives of Spain meat companies

Ireland woos Spanish cattle heads

By Oscar Rousseau

The Irish ambassador to Spain, David Cooney, has hosted a joint dinner with the Irish food body Bord Bía to promote exports of Irish cattle to Spain.

Memphis Meats has made progress in creating laboratory-made burgers

Lab-grown meat challenges ‘status quo’

By Oscar Rousseau

American start-up Memphis Meats has said it is less than five years away from being able to manufacture enough laboratory-made burgers and meatballs to stock the shelves of US grocery stores.