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Eurogroup for Animals: time for the EU to

Europeans want farm animal welfare

By Oscar Rousseau

An overwhelming majority of European citizens want the political establishment to do more to improve the welfare of animals slaughtered for human consumption, according to a public opinion survey by Eurobarometer. 

EU regulation governing the use of antibiotics on animals has been cautiously welcomed

EU strengthens law on livestock drug use

By Andrew Burnyeat

A proposed new European Union (EU) regulation governing the use of antibiotics on animals has been welcomed with caution by farmers, medical practitioners and medicinal suppliers, after MEPs backed the law on 17 February. 

The WHO line remains that moderate consumption of meat is acceptable

WHO eyes follow-up study on meat and cancer

By Keith Nuthall

A World Health Organisation (WHO) official this morning confirmed it will stage a follow up study to its controversial report that concluded that eating red and processed meats represented a significant cancer risk.

Organic farming is meant to meet high animal welfare and environmental standards

Animal welfare at heart of European organic farming proposals

By Chloe Ryan

Organic farming standards across Europe could be tightened up with a greater emphasis on animal welfare when the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee meets on 13 October to discuss proposed amendments to existing regulations.

Sommer: 'The parliamentary vote mirrors the opinion of European citizens'

Cloning vote splits EC and European Parliament

By Martin Todd

The European Commission (EC) has attacked the European Parliament’s vote today (September 8, 2015) to completely ban use of cloned animals and their descendants for domestic and imported food across the EU.

Moi: All food products containing any cloned animal material should be clearly labelled

Meat trades boss calls for fair cloning vote

By Martin Todd in Brussels

The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV) secretary general has warned Ministers of the European Parliament (MEPs) voting tomorrow night (September 8) on cloning against discriminating between the meat and dairy industries.

European MEPs have opposed a law which would have restricted the use of GMO-feed

MEPs slam EC’s GMO proposal

By Michelle Perrett

A draft EU law that would enable any member state to restrict or prohibit the use of EU-approved GMO food or feed on its territory was strongly opposed by European MPs on Wednesday. 

The draft legislation will be put to a vote at a full European Parliament plenary session this autumn

European Parliament votes to ban clones from the EU

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

A pair of key committees at the European Parliament voted yesterday (June 17) to propose a full European Union (EU) ban on producing or importing cloned animals, their descendants and their meat and milk.

The majority of MEPs currently favour some form of method-of-slaughter labelling

MEPs push for release of slaughter method labelling report

By Cillian Donnelly, in Brussels

Members of the European Parliament are calling on the European Commission to release a delayed report on method-of-slaughter labelling in order to hold a "proper debate" on labelling and animal welfare issues.

One study claims that 90% of consumer respondents favour origin labelling

MEPs call for COOL on processed meats

By Georgi Gyton

Country of origin labelling (COOL) should apply to meat, which is an ingredient in processed foods such as lasagne, according to Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee MEPs.


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