Vladimir Putin

Russia is to remove the lower customs duties previously enjoyed by certain nations

Russia to cancel lower duties on beef from Brazil and Paraguay

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia’s committee on customs and tariff regulation, headed by the Minister for Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin, has decided to start applying full customs duties on beef imported from Brazil and Paraguay “to get the price of importers in line with...

Russian meat firms could benefit from a deal to export poultry to China

Russia eyes Chinese poultry trade as shortages loom

By Eugene Vorotnikov

Russia is planning to promote exports of poultry and pork to China and has already started talks with the Chinese government to increase exports beyond their current low volumes. 

Vladimir Putin wants radical measures to break the cycle of ASF virus outbreaks

Pig laws set for post-virus epidemic shake-up

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

The African swine fever (ASF) epidemic in eastern Europe may trigger sweeping reforms in the pig industry, as conventional methods of fighting the disease have been ineffective. 

The impact of Russia re-entering the beef import trade could be massive, claim Rabobank

Russia is the ‘sleeping giant’ of global beef trade

By Oscar Rousseau

Geopolitical acrimony has seen Russia’s role in the global beef trade decline, but a supply shortage and a price hike means there is potential it will re-enter the market, according to Rabobank.

Vladimir Putin and Alexey Ulyukaev want to lift the food ban on Turkey

Russia poised to lift Turkey food ban

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia may lift its food embargo on Turkey, due to be in place until the end of 2016, according to the Russian Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev.

Hungary plans to double the number of hogs to six million.

Hungarian meat processor to open new plants as exports rise

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Following the release of its improved financial results and higher export sales in 2015, Hungarian meat processor Gyulahús Kft has unveiled plans to set up a new meat processing plant and a slaughterhouse in Gyula, in Hungary’s south-eastern region, which...

Mongolia has high hopes for its cattle export market

Mongolia sets out hopes for large-scale beef exports

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

This winter Mongolia hopes to send 10.4 million head of cattle to slaughter, including 5.6m for export purposes, which would bring the country’s export volumes to 126,300 tonnes (t). According to the country’s Agriculture Ministry, the total livestock...

The move comes after EU ministers approved a six-month extension of sanctions on Russia’s energy, defence and financial sectors

New date set for end of Russian embargo

By Chloe Ryan

Russia has extended its embargo on EU food imports for a further six months until 31 January 2016, in retaliation for the EU’s decision to extend its own economic sanctions aimed at pressuring Moscow to resolve the Ukraine conflict.

Russian food embargo to be extended

Russian food embargo to be extended

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia’s embargo on food from the European Union (EU), US, Canada and a number of other countries will be extended beyond August 2015, following a speech by the Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Food Security Forum in Rostov Oblast. 


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