All news articles for February 2015

The strain looks similar to the outbreaks reported in Asia and Europe

H5N8 outbreak in Hungarian ducks

By Georgi Gyton

A further outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza strain H5N8 has been discovered in fattening ducks, in Hungary.

Despite trade agreements imports of meat to Russia dropped fivefold in January

Russia sees unprecedented fall in meat imports

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Despite trade agreements with new suppliers, imports of meat to Russia dropped fivefold in January, according to official statistics. The report, from the Russian Business Consulting Agency, said the main reason for this was the devaluation of the ruble,...

Innovations like using insects as forms of protein have the power to structurally change the food supply chain

New technologies could structurally change food supply chain

By Georgi Gyton

Innovations and new technologies – such as 3D printed food, insects as forms of protein and wearable technology – have the power to structurally change the food supply chain in the not-too-distant future, according to Rabobank.

Indian companies are waiting to hear who had made the approved list

Indian meat exporters optimistic over Russian opportunities

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

India is to begin exports of meat and dairy products to Russia by mid-2015, with the first shipments of buffalo meat due to take place in the coming months, according to official statements from the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry.

The awards will be presented at the show next month

Winners of 2015 FoodTec Awards announced

By Georgi Gyton

A number of meat equipment suppliers have picked up International FoodTec Awards, which will be presented at the Anuga FoodTec trade exhibition in Cologne, Germany next month.

The merger is still subject to approval from the relevant competition authorities

Danish Crown to take on Tican

By Georgi Gyton

Danish Crown is to merge with Tican in a move that will see Denmark’s two cooperative slaughterhouse companies combine their activities.

Compliance with Australia’s Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System remains a sticking point

Live exports from Australia to Vietnam skyrocket, but supply chain doubts remain

By Lee Adendorff, in Lismore, Australia; and Jens Kastner

A boom in Australian live cattle exports to Vietnam looks set to continue this year, thanks to favourable currency conditions, the depletion of the Vietnamese herd by exports to neighbouring China, and increasing demand for fresh quality beef from Vietnamese...

Producers will be able to apply for temporary storage aid for six categories of pigmeat products

EU approves new pigmeat storage system

By Keith Nuthall

European Union (EU) ministers yesterday (Tuesday 24 February) approved a new pigmeat storage aid system, helping EU producers deal with low prices caused by the Russian trade embargo and rising production.

Some MEPs called for a permanent ban on cloning in the EU

MEPs reject the sale of cloned animal products in the EU

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

Members of the European Parliament’s (MEPs) committees on agriculture and environment and food safety have demonstrated their continued strong opposition to the use of cloning for farm animals or for food purposes, a public hearing held yesterday (Monday...

A tentative agreement has been agreed covering workers at all 29 ports on the West Coast

Progress made in US port dispute

By Georgi Gyton

A long-running dispute involving a number of major ports on the US’ West Coast may be nearing its end.

Bird flu concerns remain a roadblock to passing overseas health controls

Bangladesh poultry producers aim to create major export sales

By A Z M Anas, in Dhaka

Industry leaders, researchers and scientists wound up a three-day international poultry show and seminar in Dhaka on Saturday (21 February), vowing to improve food safety to help create a substantial Bangladesh processed chicken export sector by 2018.