All news articles for February 2016

Artia has seen a sales drop of 23.9%

Atria loses position in Russian market

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Finnish meat processor Atria has attributed a drop of sales by 23.9% to EUR 75.1 million to significant difficulties in the Russian market. 

The EU says making a U-turn from US negotiations over no-tariff cannot happen

US-EU free trade negotiations enter crucial stage

By Oscar Rousseau

The US and the European Union have entered into a twelfth round of negotiations in Brussels over establishing non-tariff trade for a number of choice products, including processed meats.

New safety law pledges to use criminal penalties to punish food safety transgressors

Chinese authorities split over antibiotic overuse

By Oscar Rousseau

China’s top regulator for food safety has said overuse of antibiotics is a “prominent problem” for the country’s meat industry and has called for agriculture and meat processors to do more to reduce traces of antibiotics. 

It it wasn't for Spain, the EU breeding herd would be down by more than 4%

Spain offsets Europe’s pig herd decline

By Oscar Roussseau

A report on the performance of European pork reveals, as experts predicted, the pig breeding herd declined during 2015, as low demand and even lower prices hit meat producers hard.

The law puts greater emphasis on animal welfare when slaughter for disease control is necessary

Draft animal disease law toughens biosecurity

By Oscar Rousseau

The EU’s agriculture committee has backed a June resolution from MEPs to increase measures to prevent and eliminate the outbreak of animal diseases like bird flu and African swine fever. 

Sales of meat-free substitutes, like tofu, tipped to grow  by 10.1% in the Asia-Pacific region

Meat substitute market expected to hit $5.2bn by 2020

By Oscar Rousseau

The meat substitute market is capitalising on an increasingly health-conscious public, hungry for alternatives to meat, and a report has said this sector will grow by 8.4% annually by 2020.

Warthogs are believed to have a different gene variation making them resistant to disease

ASF-resistant pigs identified in historic study

By Oscar Rousseau

The ground has shifted in the fight against African swine fever (ASF) after scientists in Scotland used advanced genetic engineering to potentially create ASF-resilient pigs. 

Australia is competing with the US for rule of Japan's beef market

US cattlemen call for action on TPP

By Oscar Rousseau

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA) has written to the US Senate calling for quick progress to be made over the ratification of the ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. 

Elizabeth Truss MP is in favour of voting to remain in a reformed EU. Image from NFU

UK government: Brexit creates trade uncertainty

By Alan Osborn

The government says an EU exit would create uncertainty for UK farmers and their ability to trade internationally, but the National Farmers’ Union is still undecided on what outcome from the EU referendum would be best for the industry.