Plant-based protein ‘here to stay’ – Tyson boss

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Tyson Foods' boss Tom Hayes believes plant-based protein is here to stay
Tyson Foods' boss Tom Hayes believes plant-based protein is here to stay
The head of one of the US’ largest meat processors has said that plant-based protein products are a “big part” of the food industry’s future.

Speaking to Fox Business News, Tom Hayes, CEO of Tyson Foods, said he believed the growth of plant-based protein was ahead of animal-based, and wasn’t going to stop any time soon.

“If you take a look at the FAO ​[Food and Agriculture Organization] stats, protein consumption is growing around the world – and it continues to grow. It’s not just hot in the US – it’s hot everywhere, people want protein. So whether it’s animal-based protein or plant-based protein, they have an appetite for it. At this point, plant-based protein is growing almost a little faster than animal-based, so I think the migration may continue in that direction.”

In October of last year, Tyson Foods acquired a 5% stake in plant-based protein producer Beyond Meat. At the time, Tyson Foods’ executive vice-president of strategy and new ventures & president of foodservice Monica McGurk said: “We’re enthusiastic about this investment, which gives us exposure to a fast-growing segment of the protein market. It meets our desire to offer consumers choices and to consider how we can serve an ever-growing and diverse global population, while remaining focused on our core prepared foods and animal protein businesses.”

This, combined with the company’s $150m venture capital fund for investing in companies specialising in meat substitutes, highlighted the importance it places on plant-based proteins.

Earlier this year, Tyson set out a sustainability programme for the business. Hayes told Fox Business News the company was committed to helping to create a more sustainable food system.

“Our new purpose as a company is to continue to raise expectations for the good big food can do. Big food is often seen as potentially bad, and in order for us to feed … 9 billion [people] we have to get in the game and say, ‘How do we come up with solutions and innovations?’”​ said Hayes.

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RE: No So Fast......

Posted by Elia Johnson,

Re: “Not So Fast…”Humans aren’t carnivores. Can you see the difference between your own teeth and your dog’s teeth? Dogs can eat road kill, or even decaying carcasses and not get sick. I have eaten a vegan diet for 24 years and I have never had a desire to ‘eat my stools.’ But – if that is your thing, there IS a lot of feces in meat products from factory farms.

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Not So Fast: "Substitute" Meat = Inherent Risk

Posted by Janeway,

From real life experience, and with specialty dog kibble that utilized Hydrolyzed Soy Protein to (via smaller particles) trick the canine's hyper-sensitive immune system (allergies) into not reacting, it wasn't long before a 10 y/o dog in our family began to seek out and eat his stools. He had NEVER done this before and via quick investigation, I learned this was because such 'plant-based protein' (soy) is neither a naturally sought protein in the wild for animals and so is it grossly deficient in energizing (essential) B Vitamins...which (after we supplemented to see this stop) is exactly what he was after, even if procuring from his own waste.

Matter of fact, other than various forms of FERMENTED Soy (i.e. "Natto" such as has been enjoyed as a healthy food in Asian countries for centuries) there is NO 'processed' soy (plant based) product that is entirely safe or as nutrient-complete as the real deal (unadulterated animal flesh) for carnivores, including we humans.

Therefore, I suggest Buyer Beware of whatever the plant based (Beyond Meat) hype...or until companies like Tyson can absolutely prove, beyond a shred of doubt, that what they are developing from plant-based materials does have EXACT 'same' nutrients AND 'ratio to one another' as is provided by traditional options of biochemically balanced (+ safely, humanely, species appropriately fed, sans drugs, hormones, other chemicals) animal flesh.

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