Jurisdiction issues raised over lab-grown meat

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The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has raised issues over lab-grown meat
The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has raised issues over lab-grown meat
The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has raised questions over which US government agency would have jurisdiction over lab-grown meat products.

Speaking at a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public meeting on lab-grown meat​, NCBA director of government affairs Danielle Beck said that the onus should fall under the Food Safety and Inspection Service’s remit.

Beck said: “While NCBA applauds the pointed questions FDA has posed regarding risks, hazards and manufacturing methods of lab-grown meat food products, we believe that the more pertinent question that must first be answered is that of jurisdiction.

“NCBA respects the expertise of the FDA, however, the appropriate agency to ask the questions under discussion today is the agency that will ultimately have jurisdiction over lab-grown meat food products. While there may be some ongoing debate internally among FDA and USDA, NCBA believes that the law governing oversight of Meat Food Products is clear, and that any fair reading of the law places lab-grown meat food products within the primary jurisdiction of the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.”

The purpose of the meeting was to raise questions on technology, food safety, substances used in its manufacture and any potential hazards associated with the process.

Beck also raised the issue of inspection of lab-grown produce.

“From a food safety standpoint, it is critically important that all meat food products, regardless of the method of production are subject to the same set of stringent physical, biological and chemical standards; that establishments are subject to the same rules governing sanitation standard operating procedures; and that all establishments are subject to continuous inspection,”​ Beck added. “These critical food safety oversight objectives can only be accomplished if USDA complies with the law and asserts jurisdiction over cultured meat food products.”

Earlier this year, the NCBA and the US National Farmers Union expressed concern​ over the labelling of lab-grown meat products. Meanwhile in France, legislation to prevent plant-based food products using meat-related terms such as ‘sausages’ or ‘steak’ was voted in by French politicians​.

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Frankenstein Food

Posted by D M,

Really. Nobody has gone into this business and its unique costs to the environment. Particularly the water and artificial farming system it will use. Where will the plant material be grown, under what conditions, is this plant going to need artificial fertilizer (rmember no animals will be left to produce natural fertilizer) . What is the farming system. How many trees in developing countries will be cut down to grow this plant? How many fields in northern Europe or America will be covered in plastic so that there is no insect life to bother the controlled growth and production. This is not an environmentally friendly anything. The gas emissions claim is bogus and the benefits to the environment are wholly negative. Yes we have already work this out. So what is the real reason for this sort of highly controlled food. Well there we have it . Control over food production by very few people. Who does anyone think is funding the veggie and vegan market.

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