Japan becomes biggest US export market

Japan becomes biggest US export market

By Kathryn Wortley, in Tokyo

Japan is now the United States’ leading export market for beef, in value and volume, and largest market for pork exports in value, according to 2017 trade data released by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

US beef and pork exports to Japan grow

US beef and pork exports grow in January

By Aidan Fortune

US exports of beef and pork for January grew year-on-year, bolstered by growing sales in the Japanese market, according to data released by USDA and compiled by USMEF.

Of chlorinated chickens and hormone beef


Of chlorinated chickens and hormone beef

By Jean-Pierre Garnier

Amongst the cacophony of Brexit opinions, there is at least a consensus across the political spectrum that the “high standards” of British food must not be compromised.

Czech Republic posts record meat imports in 2017

Czech Republic posts record meat imports in 2017

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

The Czech Republic imported a record amount of meat in 2017, valued at CZK 28 billion (€1.1 billion), four times more than when the country joined the EU in 2004, according to local industry association.

India on the rise to become top bovine meat exporter

India on the rise to become top bovine meat exporter

By Keith Nuthall

Major shifts in the power of exporting countries within the meat and livestock sector in the past decade have been identified in new statistical analysis released by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

A US-China trade war could be costly for the meat industry during a period of global expansion


US-China trade war would ‘hurt’ the meat industry

By Oscar Rousseau

After the Trump administration slapped tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels, GlobalMeatNews spoke to Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios to assess the effects of a US-China trade war on the meat sector.

Growth in Chinese poultry exports, especially broiler meat, is well ahead of overall agricultural export growth

Chinese poultry exports on the rise

By Mark Godfrey

Efforts by Chinese poultry firms to get export market share were given a boost by the news that a major poultry-producing region in eastern China has upped its exports by over 13% year on year in 2017.

Welsh sheep producers could be among the hardest hit by Brexit, according to trade reps

Welsh livestock farmers fear serious threats from Brexit

By Laura Syrett

Sheep farmers in Wales face “an extremely difficult future” after Brexit, if the UK government fails to negotiate a trade deal that secures tariff-free access to key European Union (EU) export markets, a leading trade body has warned.

Brazil's beef exports - rocked by rotten meat allegations - have resumed month-on-month growth

Brazilian beef exports keep on growing

By Oscar Rousseau

Brazil’s rising beef exports show burgeoning meat demand has outweighed any lingering concerns from the rotten meat scandal.