The UK's red meat sector is feeling the impact of the recent extreme weather conditions

Weather hits UK red meat industry

By Aidan Fortune

The UK’s red meat sector has been adversely impacted by the shifting weather patterns of 2018, hindering future supplies.

Chicken disease vaccine progress

Chicken disease vaccine progress hailed

By Aidan Fortune

The University of Edinburgh and the Pirbright Institute have reported progress on a new vaccine strategy that could potentially offer protection to millions of chickens threatened by the infectious bronchitis virus.

Avian influenza has swept into China's Guizhou province

news in brief

Avian influenza hits Chinese poultry farm

By Ashley Williams

China’s Ministry of Agriculture has culled 32,351 birds following an outbreak of H5N6 highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Animal health company bought

Carr’s acquires Animax for £8.5m

By Michelle Perrett

Carr’s, the agriculture and engineering group, has acquired animal healthy product producer Animax for £8.5m.

India launches meat cleanliness initiative

India food safety initiative to boost meat cleanliness

By Raghavendra Verma, in New Delhi

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is launching a hygiene and cleanliness drive in the Indian meat industry though training, food safety audits, certification of animal feed and pushing retailers to make health and safety improvements....