Poultry processor links with food poverty charity

Cargill links with charity to tackle food poverty

By Aidan Fortune

Poultry processor Cargill and charity Heifer International have joined forces to create a new initiative which aims to improve the nutrition and economic livelihoods of 100m people by 2030 through the production, promotion and consumption of poultry....

Tunisia has re-opened the market for Argentine beef after six years

Argentina re-opens Tunisia market for beef

By Ashley Williams

Following a six-year absence, Argentina’s Ministry of Agriculture has revealed it will ship its first 25 tonnes of boneless beef to Tunisian agribusiness Farah.

Goat meat ready to hit the big-time

Goat meat ready to hit the big-time

By Aidan Fortune

Trends pieces are nothing new, particularly as we begin a new year, with publications looking to be first to report the latest fad. The food industry is no different, with goat meat being touted as the next big thing.

US beef producers will have access to Morocco under the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement

US beef wins access to Morocco

By Aidan Fortune

The US beef industry is to have access to the lucrative Moroccan market, in a trade deal worth $80m.

Crowd Cow extends its meats to Tasmania

Crowd Cow extends to include international craft meat

By Michelle Perrett

Crowd Cow, the US marketplace for craft meat, has revealed plans to extend further outside its heartland to offer meat from around the world, beginning with Westmore Pastoral in Tasmania.

Beef producer exceeding market expectations

Zambeef expects results to 'exceed' market

By Michelle Perrett

Africa’s Zambeef, the cold chain foods and retail business, has said it expected its annual results to exceed market expectations by more than 10%.

The US poultry sector has welcomed access to the Moroccan market

US poultry sector reacts to Morocco access

By Ashley Williams

The National Chicken Council and the USA Poultry and Egg Council have hailed the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) efforts to access new markets for the sector after securing an import deal with Morocco.

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