Multivac said China was a

Multivac to open China facility

By Aidan Fortune

Equipment provider Multivac is to open a new production facility in Taicang, China to grow its presence in the country.

Muyuan Foods Co will invest CNY500 million to build a slaughtering and processing capacity

China breeder increases slaughtering capacity

By Mark Godfrey

One of China’s leading pig breeding firms is building a massive new slaughtering capacity as it seeks to diversify and bets on a long-term trend of consolidation in the pig breeding sector.

China has been one of the worst affected countries since the start of the ASF outbreak


ASF continues to slam China’s meat trade

By Ashley Williams

African Swine Fever (ASF) has been one of the biggest talking points throughout the international meat industry over the past year, with China feeling the full brunt of it.

China will see 23 Russian poultry businesses entering the market

Russia begins exporting poultry to China

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

More than 20 Russian poultry companies have registered to begin poultry exports to China, following the cancellation of a ten-year moratorium on shipments.

China has been one of the worst nations affected by the disease

China culls over 900,000 pigs since ASF outbreak

By Ashley Williams

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has revealed that it has culled 916,000 pigs since the beginning of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in August 2018.

Poultry market tipped for return to growth in 2019


China holds key to global poultry market

By Aidan Fortune

China and its international relationships could be the driving force behind growth in the global poultry market in 2019 as it comes out of what has been described as one of the most turbulent years in decades.

The international beef sector may benefit from the rise of African Swine Fever


Beef to benefit from African Swine Fever epidemic

By Aidan Fortune

New reports of incidents of African Swine Fever (ASF) are being reported on a daily basis, with China and Belgium both being hit by the virus in recent weeks. However, the rising number of incidents is having a positive knock-on effect on other proteins,...