The Fairplay Movement: frozen Brazilian chicken may be thawed, reworked and refrozen before reaching South Africans

Brazil hits back at 'health risk’ chicken claim

By Oscar Rousseau

The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) is “appalled” by allegedly defamatory remarks made by South Africa’s Fairplay Movement on the quality of Brazil’s chicken.

An SABC TV segment found that Brazilian chicken be thawed and refrozen multiple times before reaching shoppers

Brazilian chicken a ‘serious health risk’

By Oscar Rousseau

South Africa’s antidumping PR machine has claimed it’s “no surprise” imported Brazilian chicken could be thawed and refrozen before reaching consumers, an allegation reported by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Danish Crown enters Africa via acquisition

Danish Crown enters Africa via acquisition

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown has snapped up a majority stake in South Africa's Overberg Food Distributors, marking the pork giant's first entry into a continent boasting big "potential".

Strategic growth planned for Sub-Saharan Africa

News in Brief

Strategic growth planned for Sub-Saharan Africa

By Aidan Fortune

Poultry operators Tyson Foods Inc and Acacia Foods are to make investments in Zimbabwe-based processor Irvine’s Group as part of plan to target growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The merger between Country Bird Holdings and Sovereign Food Investments has been delayed

South African poultry deal hits hurdle

By Rod Addy

A South African poultry merger has stalled after one of the parties challenged unclear terms imposed by the country’s Competition Commission. 

Over three million birds have been killed in Nigeria as a result of Africa's bird flu virus

Bird flu virus cuts through central Africa

By Oscar Rousseau

Nations across west and central Africa are on high alert as the highly pathogenic avian influenza strain H5N1 tears through the region with devastating effect. 

AMIE boss David Wolpert: SAPA

South African bodies lock horns on US poultry

By Oscar Rousseau

South Africa’s Poultry Association (SAPA) has said it will not lower poultry testing standards to accommodate US imports, after an industry body criticised it for “stubborn protectionism” over the country’s poultry market.

Harden: 'I am excited to return to Africa'

US looks to Africa for export opportunity

By Chloe Ryan

The US aims to grow its food exports to sub-Saharan Africa and is sending its deputy secretary of agriculture, Krysta Harden, to Accra, Ghana, in November to spread the word.

US meat exporters are waiting for South Africa to follow through on deal

US poultry firms wait for South Africa to admit AGOA-deal exports

By Ed Zwirn

The extension of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) may have occurred over a month ago, but US poultry and pork exporters say they have yet to receive a break under the agreement. And at least one trade group has called for limits on the participation...


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