Pre-tax profits rose to ZMW75m

Huge profit rise for Zambian agribusiness firm

By Helen Gregory

Zambian agribusiness Zambeef Products has seen a 56% rise in profits during the first half of its financial year, boosted by sales in its core meat business.

Commercial hog slaughter was down 5% to 106.9m head

US red meat production saw decline in 2014

By Georgi Gyton

Total US red meat production fell 4% last year, compared to 2013, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s annual Livestock Slaughter Summary (2014), published yesterday (27 April).

Lower demand, falling prices and abattoir delays at this time of the year seem to be perennial problems

Scottish beef market under pressure

By Oli Haenlein

Scottish beef producers are suffering severe pressure on price and experiencing marketing delays during the crucial spring months, according to the National Farmers’ Union Scotland (NFUS).

NZ farm profits a mixed picture

New Zealand sees disparity in livestock performance

By Ed Bedington

Climatic conditions have impacted on New Zealand livestock producers, with North Island producers benefiting to the detriment of their South Island cousins, the latest economic reports show.

Construction will begin on the 50,000sq ft warehouse this spring

Tyson to invest nearly $50m in new beef plant

By Georgi Gyton

Tyson Fresh Meats is to plough $47m into its Lexington plant in the US, in order to construct a new, expanded, boxed beef warehouse, in a bid to ensure the future success of the site.

The move is designed to increase capacity for local producers

Turkey opens to feeder cattle

By Oli Haenlein

Turkey has opened its doors to feeder cattle imports to members of associations and cooperatives who have signed contracts for the animals with Turkey’s Meat and Milk Board (ESK).

The strategy is set out across four pillars: connectivity, productivity, competitiveness and beef demand

Canada beef sector optimistic about new strategy

By Georgi Gyton

Canada’s beef sector organisations have told GlobalMeatNews that they are optimistic about a national programme connecting all key players in Canada’s beef sector for the first time, with the goal of a 15% increase in production efficiency by 2020.

Those breaking the law could face up to five-years in jail

Maharashtra bans sale or possession of beef

By Georgi Gyton

The sale or possession of beef in Maharashtra, India could now carry a jail sentence, after a government Bill banning the practice was finally given presidential assent.


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