The Beyond Burger is backed by a mix of wealthy investors, including Bill Gates

News in brief

Beyond Burger hits TGI Fridays’ menu

By Oscar Rousseau

The plant-based patty that bleeds like beef – the Beyond Burger – is now on the menu at 469 TGI Fridays restaurants in the US.

Fast food franchising is viewed as a 'golden opportunity' in China's food industry

Fast food franchise wars in China

By Mark Godfrey

Hua Ke Duo's black sesame sprinkled buns and chilli pepper flavourings are Chinese, but the hamburgers are bigger than those at McDonald’s. 

Buffalo burgers could be a new option for health conscious consumers


Halal firm encourages buffalo consumption

By Aaron McDonald

Buffalo burgers should be considered a healthy and alternative option to the classic beef variety. That is the message being emphasised by Indian processor Allanasons Private Limited at Gulfood Manufacturing this week.

Atria expects the deal will generate an extra €40m worth of sales per year

Atria cleared for Kaivon Liha takeover

By Oscar Rousseau

Finland’s meat processor Atria has won approval to acquire a ruling share in beef processor and wholesale firm Kaivon Liha by competition authorities.

Customer satisfaction has risen for burger producers tapping into the high quality ingredients trend

Burgers disappoint US consumers

By Oscar Rousseau

US burgers rank below the national average for customer satisfaction, but a focus on high-quality ingredients could see fast food chains encroach on restaurant industry territory.

Kaivon Liha manufactures the burgers you could end up buying in Finland

Atria to buy majority stake in Kaivon Liha

By Oscar Rousseau

Finnish meat processor Atria eyes further expansion in its native land with plans to acquire a majority holding in the kebab and burger manufacturer Kaivon Liha.

The greatest number of burger restaurants in the US can be found in California

Proof that the burger is winning in the US

By CHD Expert

Americans love a good steak, but they crave a good burger. So which state dominates the burger industry? Texas would be the likely guess, but it would be the wrong one.

A number products may be banned including cheeseburgers

Russia attacks McDonald’s over meat quality

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russian authorities have said they want to ban production of a number of popular McDonald’s burgers, claiming the fast food chain has violated the country’s legislation, which could result in dangerous meat and other products being sold to consumers.