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Focus on New Zealand

Changing landscape for New Zealand exports

The EU is still New Zealand’s most important export market for chilled lamb, but the balance is shifting as the country opens up new avenues.

Focus on New Zealand

Carbon calculation

Given its distance from many of its meat export markets, New Zealand has to prove itself squeaky clean when it comes to environmental issues, including carbon footprinting.

Guest article

Euro Fallout – Will It Affect You?

Stephen Sidkin gives advice on how to protect your business from any future eurozone currency changes

Overview of the world poultry sector and the role of Thailand

Global broiler production has increased by 37% between 2002 to 2011. Production increased from 59m tonnes in 2002 to 81m tonnes in the main producing countries in 2011. Total world...

Supply discipline key to EU meat industry’s success

EU meat companies need to control supply growth in order to improve margins in a fragile economic environment, a Rabobank report has revealed.


Ending pig castration in the EU: a long road ahead

Earlier this month, farmers, meat processors, retailers, scientists, veterinarians and animal welfare lobbyists gathered in Amsterdam to discuss progress towards voluntarily ending pig castration in Europe by 2018. Carina Perkins...

Promar International Analysis

Germany a powerhouse on pig production

In terms of the European pig industry, Germany is without doubt the power house of the region for both consumption and production.