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From raw commodity to added value meal solutions, and the equipment needed to make it all happen, everyone involved in the meat sector needs to keep up with the latest trends to stay one step ahead in business.

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Costco in E.coli chicken salad scare

Rotisserie chicken salad with E.coli traces has caused the illness of 19 people across seven US states, health officials in Washington have claimed.

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Linden Foods brings new premium brand to international markets

Northern Irish meat processor Linden Foods has launched a new premium brand, Turf & Clover, exclusively for international markets.

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Australia bans foreign investment on farm’s land sale

The Australian Government has said it will block the sale of the Kidman Land Farm to foreign investors.

Tyson Foods recalls pongy poultry

A large quantity of chicken wings has been recalled by the US protein producer Tyson Foods Inc after fears it had an “off odour”. 

Serbian firm invests in pig farming and slaughtering

Serbian meat processor IM Matijevic has launched a pig slaughtering line worth €5m, enabling it to increase capacity by 300 pigs per hour.

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Project launched to devise sausages to combat cancer

An EU-funded research project to use antioxidants from plants and berries to make sausages, patties and other meat products healthier has been launched. 

Seafood company enjoys robust profit rise

International seafood firm Thai Union has recorded double digit profit growth for the third quarter of the year, buoyed by its acquisition of three rival firms, MerAlliance, King Oscar and...

Israeli firm aims to reduce sodium in meats

Israel-based Salt of the Earth has launched a new sodium reduction ingredient for hamburgers and processed meat. 

Poultry and fish technology companies join forces

Two global technology firms that serve the poultry and fish processing industries have announced a co-operation agreement that will allow them to share and combine their products and expertise. 

India’s meat firms urged to use new packaging technology

Indian meat processors are being advised to use new packing technology that promises to reduce their energy costs while transporting products, helping boost the country’s weak cold chain for fresh...

Marel partners Dutch Protein & Services to offer crispy products

Marel has joined with Dutch Protein & Services (DPS) to offer a five-step coating solution delivering healthier, crispier meat products with a home-prepared appearance for oven cooking. 

Ozone solution revolutionises battle against pathogens

Revolutionary technology using ozone to kill pathogens was exciting interest at Dubai’s Gulfood Manufacturing 2015 exhibition, courtesy of Danish firm Jimco A/S, which is now rolling it out commercially.

Chinese pork imports on the rise

Pork imports into China have continued to increase throughout 2015, with volumes totalling 518,000 tonnes (t) for January to September, up 22% on the year before.

Antioxidant derived from bamboo close to market entry

Long development work in China on an antioxidant chemical found in bamboo leaves has finally yielded an ingredient with intriguing potential for dietary supplement applications.

News in brief

Turkey meatloaf recalled by Taylor Farms

A recall of 276lb of turkey meatloaf products have been recalled in the US due to undeclared allergens. 

JBT showcases broader portfolio in Dubai

JBT will be showing off its broader range of food processing equipment after acquiring Formcook AB, the long-established manufacturer of Teflon® contact and combi cookers, earlier this year. 

Danfoss rolls out new chiller equipment at Gulfood

Keeping food cool in the Middle East is a focus for Danfoss as it prepares for Gulfood Manufacturing.

Good Food Concepts recalls beef, pork and poultry

Colorado-based Good Food Concepts is recalling approximately 12,566 pounds of beef, pork and poultry products that were produced without a fully implemented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. 

DuPont focuses on GCC trends at Gulfood

DuPont Nutrition & Health will be focusing on catering for the changing tastes of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consumers as it presents at Gulfood Manufacturing 2015. 

Meat innovation captures imagination at Anuga

Meat took centre stage at the Anuga trade show in Cologne, with seven meat products chosen as part of the Anuga Taste 15. 

JBT introduces new twin drum oven

A new double oven that can cook, roast and steam up to four tonnes of product per hour has been launched by global food processing equipment manufacturer JBT.  

Finnish processing line makes stock and sauce from bones

An automated processing line that manufactures stock and sauces from bones has been developed by a Finnish company.

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Vacuum skin packaging format launched

UK firm Packaging Automation has extended its range of tray sealing machines and launched a vacuum skin packaging format called SkinPAC, which it says can pack faster than other products...

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Finland sets out boar embargo

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is asking that no wild boar meat or food products made from boar should be brought into Finland from the Baltic countries or Poland.

News in brief

McDonald’s Japanese arm bounces back in August

The Japanese arm of McDonald’s, one of the largest single users of Australian beef globally, has registered an increase in sales in August after 19 months of negative performance.

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