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From raw commodity to added value meal solutions, and the equipment needed to make it all happen, everyone involved in the meat sector needs to keep up with the latest trends to stay one step ahead in business.

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US firm introduces antibiotic-free pork range

Giant Food, based in Landover, Maryland, has launched a new ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ private brand of pork products. 

Brazilian chicken sales start to recover

Global Brazilian chicken exports are starting to grow again after the rotten meat scandal, with sales slightly ahead of last year.

Mini kabanoski in a cup hits Polish grocery shelves for the first time

Meat processor ZM Henryk Kania has launched mini cocktail sausages and kabanoski packaged in cups – the latter of which has not been seen before in Poland, the company has claimed.

Foie gras production comes under attack

The controversial method of overfeeding duck or geese to produce foie gras has been deemed poor practice in a new report.

Impossible? A plant-based burger just won $75m

Start-up Impossible Foods has secured a “significant” $75m cash injection from investors, including Bill Gates and a Facebook founder, who now back a revolutionary plant-based burger that bleeds.

Parisian steakhouse opens with promise to serve better value meat

Italian restaurant group Big Mamma has opened its first steakhouse, Pink Mamma, reportedly selling t-bone and tomahawk steaks up to three times cheaper than its competitors do.

News in brief

New meat snacking solution launched by Hormel Foods

US-based Hormel Foods has revealed a range of new meat snacking options, catering to the demand for convenience eating. 

Ingredion improves meat yield with new starch

Global ingredient solutions provider Ingredion has launched a new clean-label, potato-based functional native starch for cost-sensitive meat applications. 

News in brief

Animal pharmaceutical producer gets US regulatory approval

Veterinary drug producer ECO Animal Health (ECO) has secured a second approval from the US to sell its flagship antibiotic Aivlosin, used to treat a host of swine diseases.

New sausage casing offers alternative cooking methods

A global sausage casings firm has introduced a new product to the market, designed to increase manufacturers’ profitability and provide a different method for preparing sausages. 

Alliance Group boosts venison plant investment

New Zealand red meat co-operative Alliance Group has boosted the investment in its Southland venison processing plant to $15.2 million (m).

Significant Russian beef exports to Japan imminent

Japan and Russia are to start trading meat products in earnest during the second half of this year, following an agreement between Tokyo and Moscow.

Alternative proteins a risk to New Zealand meat sector

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has warned that alternative proteins “could be a risk for the sector”. 

Hampton Creek enters the lab-grown meat market

Silicon Valley’s plant-based food start-up Hampton Creek is to start making lab-grown meat – and plans to have product in stores by 2018.

Tough chicken meat ‘a big issue’ for industry

Fast-growing broiler chickens are developing wooden breast syndrome that’s making meat tough and chewy in what has become a growing problem for the poultry sector.

Cross-contamination a cause of huge US meat recall

Newly Weds Foods has confirmed it is involved in the massive tranche of recalls issued by 10 US meat businesses, which fear their products may contain undeclared allergens.

German company unveils ‘enhanced’ automation technology

Bosch Packaging Technology of Germany has unveiled what it claims to be an “enhanced” robot designed for picking and placing a range of food products.

‘Groundbreaking’ natural antimicrobial agents developed for meat

Two plant-based antimicrobial ingredients protecting meat against listeria and salmonella contamination have been developed by French business Naturex. 

Israel firm ‘cracks the code’ on making meat salty and healthy

Israel-based ingredients company Salt of the Earth claims its popular product, Mediterranean Umami, can cut sodium in processed meat by up to a third.

News in brief

Animal health firm gets Malaysian antibiotic approval

A subsidiary of London-based veterinary drug producer ECO Animal Health Group plans to become a “major force” after its poultry antibiotic was approved for sale in Malaysia.

News in brief

Equipment designer launches non-stick conveyor belt

US-based machinery manufacturer Dynamic Conveyor Corporation has launched a new conveyor belt top for the food industry, with a rough-textured surface to stop sticky foods from sticking to the material.

Meat firm pens bacon deal with NFL team Green Bay Packers

Wisconsin-based meatpacker Patrick Cudahy has signed a deal with National Football League team Green Bay Packers to be the official bacon supplier for the second season running.

Hot topic

Beyond Meat's vegan burger wins big Safeway deal

Plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat has won a major US listing deal for its ‘bleeding’ veg burger, almost doubling the number of stores it is available in.

Tyson’s Fresh Meats brand launches sales capture campaign

Star Ranch Angus beef brand, owned by Tyson Fresh Meats, has launched a new website for a six-month campaign encouraging American families to buy high-quality protein.

Global progress made to address antibiotic reduction, says OIE

More countries are warning industry stakeholders about the risks of antimicrobial resistance than they were two years ago, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).