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From raw commodity to added value meal solutions, and the equipment needed to make it all happen, everyone involved in the meat sector needs to keep up with the latest trends to stay one step ahead in business.

French processed pork products to be exported to China

23-Apr-2014 - The China representative of France pigmeat association INAPORC has welcomed an agreement between the Chinese and French governments that should enable French processed pigmeat products to be exported to China.

Customs Union faces trade dispute following poultry ban

17-Apr-2014 - The Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia looks to be on the brink of a serious trade dispute after Kazakhstan banned the import of poultry from Russia and Belarus.

Russia discovers excessive lead in sausages from the US

11-Apr-2014 - Two shipments of sausages from the US with levels of lead that were "excessive and even dangerous to consumer health" have been discovered by Russian veterinary experts.

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Japanese pork industry sees interest from US soybean association

09-Apr-2014 - The Japanese pork industry recently played host to a three-day visit from a group representing the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSR&PC) from the US.

Pig virus forces up US pork prices

08-Apr-2014 - The deadly hog virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDV), is forcing the price of pork up and could boost imports into Japan, despite the Japanese recently imposing temporary restrictions on US imports.

China to build new beef plant, despite cattle scarcity

08-Apr-2014 - Chinese meat processing capacity continues to expand apace with the latest announcement of a new 50,000-head beef lot and slaughtering plant in the mid-sized city of Xiangyang in the central province of Hubei.

ABC News fails to get ‘pink slime’ case thrown out

07-Apr-2014 - Beef Products Inc (BPI) is to plough ahead with its $1.2bn court case against ABC News and three of its reporters, after a South Dakota judge refused to dismiss the case.

US meat industry loses Country of Origin Labelling appeal

02-Apr-2014 - US meat companies have lost their bid to suspend new country of origin labelling (COOL) legislation coming into force.

Spanish government ignores recommendations to double taxes on meat products

01-Apr-2014 - The Spanish meat industry has said it is relieved by its government’s decision to ignore recommendations to double its sales tax (value added tax – VAT) on meat products, but the meat sector is still unsure how an upcoming tax reform will affect it.

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Welsh Beef promoted in Italian retail chain

01-Apr-2014 - Welsh Beef is being sold in Italy for the first time, as 80 Bennet stores are promoting Welsh products from 27 March until 9 April.

Dutch Safety Board report finds deficiencies in meat supply chain

31-Mar-2014 - The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) has published a damning report on ‘Risks in the meat supply chain’, claiming the industry has "numerous deficiencies" when it comes to food hygiene.

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EFSA says use of peroxyacetic acid would not cause toxicity concerns

31-Mar-2014 - The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA’s) scientific panel has suggested that using solutions containing peroxyacetic acid (PAA) to reduce contamination from pathogens on poultry carcases and meat would not pose toxicity concerns.

Romania to export sheepmeat to China

31-Mar-2014 - Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea has announced plans by China to launch imports of sheep meat from Romania following last year’s signing of two agreements to export Romanian pork and cattle to the Chinese market.

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Swedish investigation to focus on hybrid buffalo-beef mislabelling

28-Mar-2014 - A preliminary investigation by Livsmedelsverket, Sweden’s food safety authority, has established that between 25 to 30 tonnes (t) of fillet beef mixed with buffalo meat may have been sold, or marketed for sale as imported Italian beef.

Argentine/Uruguay beef range strikes a chord in China

26-Mar-2014 - It is a pricey dinner for most Beijing pockets: two vacuum-packed steaks for RMB62.16, or RMB316/kg – several times the price of Chinese beef.

Hormel organic pork goes up against local-breed champions

25-Mar-2014 - US-based meat major Hormel is seeking to lure China’s upper-crust customers with a range of certified organic pork sold through high-end supermarkets.

Russian meat imports drop by almost a third

25-Mar-2014 - Since the start of 2014, Russia has reduced meat imports by 27.1% to 159,100t on a year-on-year comparison, excluding trade with Belarus and Kazakhstan, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture has reported, citing data from the Federal Customs Service.

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Welsh Lamb gains important Swedish listing

21-Mar-2014 - PGI Welsh Lamb will be sold in Swedish supermarkets from this spring, resulting in new sales amounting to 300 tonnes (t) per year.

ABP Beef agrees supply deal with Carrefour Italia

20-Mar-2014 - ABP Food Group has secured an exclusive deal with Carrefour Italia to supply the retailer with its Irish Hereford Prime beef product range to more than 160 stores.

Siwin Foods eyes global expansion with new $13m meat factory

20-Mar-2014 - Canada-based Siwin Foods is in the process of building a new $13m meat processing plant in Edmonton, as it looks to extend its reach overseas.


China’s meat majors focus on convenience as incomes rise

18-Mar-2014 - There was a time when convenience for China’s meat-eaters was a bag of frozen pork dumplings. But today the offerings of convenience meat products are exploding across the aisles of China’s supermarket, with everything from pre-prepared frozen kebab sticks to American-style microwavable steaks on offer.

Rule on EU beef exports to US now in force

18-Mar-2014 - EU beef can now be exported to the US, after the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) rule announcement last November came into force this month.

EU removes barriers on meat imports from Ukraine

18-Mar-2014 - The European Commission (EC) has approved a proposal for a temporary reduction in duties on products manufactured in Ukraine and imported to Europe.

Philippines agrees to take on Japanese beef

17-Mar-2014 - The Philippines has agreed to import beef from Japan, according to a statement by the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines on Friday (14 March).

EU research project will try to reduce cured ham salt content

17-Mar-2014 - A European Union (EU) research project is to develop a new system of controlling the salting stage during dry-cured ham processing, aiming to reduce salt content.


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