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From raw commodity to added value meal solutions, and the equipment needed to make it all happen, everyone involved in the meat sector needs to keep up with the latest trends to stay one step ahead in business.

Luceo launches new sealing and labelling kit

Luceo will introduce a new sealing and labelling machines at Pack Expo International in Chicago in November.

DuPont launches new sausage casings

Food ingredient specialist DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed new sausage casings as thin as 6-8mm, the company reported.

Sandvik brings belts to Middle East

Exhibitors are gearing up for Gulfood Manufacturing, due to be held in Dubai in November.

Loma Systems develops space-saving checkweigher and detection unit

Loma Systems has launched a new checkweighing and metal detection unit, which it claims has up to a 30% smaller footprint than similar models.

New generation checkweighers from Mettler-Toledo Garvens

Mettler-Toledo Garvens has also launched a new generation of checkweighers, the C3000 System, designed to enhance performance by up to 33%, inspecting 600 products per minute, and offering food manufacturers...

Faerch Plast claims to have launched world's first ovenable CPET skin pack

With roast-in-a-bag products becoming ever popular, Faerch Plast has launched the "world’s first" ovenable CPET skin packs for meat and poultry the company reported.

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Ireland launches Beef Pricewatch app

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) in Ireland has launched a Beef Pricewatch app.

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Australian firm strikes Japan jerky deal

Australian food company New World Foods has launched its jerky brand Local Legends Beef into the Japanese retail market.

China approves veterinary bird flu vaccine

China has approved a newly developed inactivated vaccine for poultry against a strain of the H7N9 avian influenza - PR8.

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European ready meals market predicted to reach more than €40bn by 2016

The European ready meals market is forecast to grow 12% by 2016, according to food and drink market research company Food For Thought (FFT).

US meat body examines new technology impact on exports

A diverse group of representatives from technology companies and the US beef, pork and lamb industries have been working together to ensure that new technologies don’t hinder export markets.

Bulk of 2015 US beef industry levy to be used in domestic market

The Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board in the USA will spend US$10.5m of its US$39m investments planned for the fiscal year of 1 October 2014-2015 to promote beef sales...

Zimbabwe prepares to sell beef to Russia

Zimbabwe will soon start exporting beef to Russia, which continues to seek new suppliers after banning imports from the US and European Union (EU), the southern African country’s agriculture minister...

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Ishida launches X-ray model for small bone detection

Ishida Europe has revealed a new X-ray model, which can detect bones in meat fillets.

SIAL to offer world tour of food trends

As part of this year’s 50th anniversary celebrations there will be a World Tour at SIAL, which promises to offer a window into the global food market.

Meat companies abound at SIAL show

The global meat industry will be jetting, driving and sailing to Paris later this month to take part in one of the year’s biggest gathering to showcase food and meat....

Exhibitors gear up for SIAL

Meat industry exhibitors and visitors are preparing for the upcoming SIAL trade show in France next month (19-23 October).

Lithuania legalises non-stun slaughter

The Lithuanian parliament has passed a bill that legalises slaughter without stunning for halal and kosher meat. Under the plan, the new law is designed to stimulate exports of Lithuanian...

Eagle introduces new fat-to-lean analysis

Eagle Product Inspection has launched a new fat analysis technology which ensures meat manufacturers reach the correct fat-to-lean ratio for customers.

Loma offers improved inspection unit

X-ray equipment specialist Loma has launched a new inspection unit, which it claimed has 25% "improved performance".

Videojet brings out long life printers

Videojet has introduced four new continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers with new Long Life Core (TM) technology, extending their overall life.

Viessman adds superior hygienic coating to fridges

Viessmann Refrigeration has revealed its fridges and cold rooms will be antimicrobially coated as a standard to ensure the hygienic protective coating on Viessmann products is maintained for longer.

Globalisation of meat trade presents challenges for packaging

Developing packaging that ensures exported products arrive in the optimum condition is a challenge for manufacturers as the meat industry becomes increasingly globalised.

US packaging show to offer technology seminars

The Pack Expo International Show 2014, held in Chicago, US has announced it will hold educational seminars at its Centre for Trends and Technologies (CTT).

Marel introduces ‘super-hygienic’ grader

Meat equipment manufacturer Marel has revealed a new grading machine which "offers maximum hygiene capabilities".