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From raw commodity to added value meal solutions, and the equipment needed to make it all happen, everyone involved in the meat sector needs to keep up with the latest trends to stay one step ahead in business.

Big rise in EU pork exports

The strong growth of EU pig meat exports, particularly to high-margin markets China and Hong Kong, is lifting the troubled sector out of its oversupply crisis.

Jack's Creek and Australia retain World Steak Challenge title

Jack’s Creek has retained the title of the World’s Best Steak Producer. 

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Verde Farms expands grass-fed beef range

US meat processor Verde Farms has expanded its portfolio of grass-fed beef to include cheaper varieties for a wider market to enjoy.

Weber promises speed with new label printer

US packaging specialist Weber has launched a new label-printing machine which pledges “faster and more versatile labelling" for food manufacturers.

Miratorg targets $1bn worth of meat exports

Russian meat giant Miratorg wants to increase the volume of its meat exports to 250,000 tonnes in the next five years to a value of $1bn, according to CEO Viktor...

One in five seafood products mislabelled

On average, one in five of more than 25,000 samples of seafood on an international level is labelled incorrectly. 

Investments allow Hungarian meat processor to expand product range

Hungarian pork processor Pick Szeged Zrt’s sales growth has been helped by increased throughput, the launch of new products and a rise in meat exports, according to senior company representatives....

Brazil pork exports samba forward

It’s carnival time for Brazil’s booming pork exports, with volume sales from January to July increasing by 42.2% compared to the same period in 2015. 

Ireland making headway on China beef deal

The Republic of Ireland has welcomed “very positive” talks and “constructive engagement” with China over plans to open the market for beef exports.

Lab-made meat rebranded ‘clean meat’ to address ‘yuck’ factor

Bosses at high-tech food companies producing meat in laboratories have stopped using terms ‘lab-grown’ or ‘cultured meat’ over concerns this puts people off the revolutionary protein.

South African meat processer hails digital tech

Red meat processor Cavalier Group has lauded the impact the internet of things – dubbed South Africa’s fourth industrial revolution – has had on business.

Catchmate’s traceability tech may optimise food safety recalls

Catchmate, a technology venture from entrepreneur Roger Kirkness, could be the traceability system that saves meat processors money in the fight against costly food safety recalls. 

New Bonanza steak cut developed by US scientists

Scientists at the University of Nevada, US, have created a new cut of steak. 

Meat goes mobile with Wolf smartphone innovation

German meat and sausage manufacturer Wolf is offering consumers the chance to access detailed product information about its pre-packed products at point of sale via their smartphones. 

News in brief

Over 3.5 tonnes of beef brains recalled in US

Meat processor Green Bay Dressed Beef, operating as American Foods Group, has issued a recall on 7,420 pounds (3.7 tonnes) of beef brains. 

Smell like ‘crispy fried chicken’ with KFC sun cream

Fast-food giant KFC has launched a limited edition range of chicken-scented sunscreen to get you smelling better than the iconic moustachioed colonel himself. 

Japan’s Yonekyu welcomes Sealpac’s packaging

Yonekyu Corporation, one of Japan’s leading processed meat companies, has applauded the impact of Sealpac’s thermoformers on its production lines, claiming the equipment is “extremely strong”.

Miratorg moves into German ready-meal market

Leading Russian meat producer Miratorg has exported its first ready-meals to Germany, the company’s Miratorg-West divison has reported.

Healthy meat brand ends antibiotics use

US healthy meat producer Vermont Smoke & Cure has completed the elimination of antibiotics from its protein supply chain, the company has announced.

Rio Olympics 2016 hype sees fake beef boom

The Olympic Games is proving a major boost for Brazilian beef sales in China but consumers have been warned of unscrupulous meat vendors and beef masquerading as Brazilian.

World Steak Challenge enters crucial period

There is less than one month left to enter the World Steak Challenge – a competition to find and reward the greatest sirloin steaks in the world.

Ukrainian livestock industry sweats as deadly virus nears country

Ukraine could lose the right to export meat if the viral nodular dermatitis disease penetrates the country, the Ukrainian Union of Agricultural Enterprises has warned.

US-Brazil beef deal offers ‘strong opportunity’

Two-way beef trade between US and Brazilian food companies will help forge a strong partnership for the two global powers, the North American Meat Institute claims.

Monster munch: US business creates 100lb burger

Owners of US restaurant Dirigo Public House have created an enormous 100lb sirloin steak burger to celebrate the company’s one-year anniversary.

E.coli sparks Ranch Foods Direct recall

A US pasture-to-plate supplier of high-quality beef has been forced to issue a recall after the US government warned a batch of its ground beef may be contaminated with E....

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