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Tyson Foods buys stake in Beyond Meat start-up

US meatpacker Tyson Foods has bought a 5% stake in plant-based meat vendor Beyond Meat, a start-up trying to make lab-grown beef burgers, for an undisclosed sum. 

Young parents targeted in US beef campaign

US state beef councils are orchestrating a major beef campaign to encourage young parents to cook more beef for their children.

Minimal joy for meat traders during Rio Olympic Games

Meat retailers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have expressed disappointment that the Olympic and Paralympic Games in August had a weak impact on sales, although a selected band of suppliers...


Canada’s Welsh lamb deal ‘significant’

A deal for Randall Parker Foods to supply over 300 Canadian stores with lamb has been hailed as a "major" moment by Welsh levy board Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC)....

Meat sales continue to rise in Japan

Japanese meat consumption is growing so quickly it has pushed domestic per capita fish consumption to its lowest level since the 1960s, according to 2015 figures from Japan’s ministry of...

China’s digital meat store drives opportunity

Faced with a shortage of local beef supplies, a Chinese beef processor and importer has spent almost $3 million setting up Chinese online stores, which are portraying Australian beef as...

Bangladesh to tighten regulation on foreign poultry giants

Bangladesh is mulling controls over foreign investors in the country’s growing poultry industry after local rivals said they fear being swallowed by overseas companies.

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Anger as halal supermarket told to stock pork or close

A Parisian halal convenience store has been told it faces being shut down if the business refuses to stock pork and alcohol, according to reports.

Chinese meat giant enters the digital space

One of China’s largest agricultural and meat conglomerates has entered a deal with the country’s leading e-commerce and cloud computing company to get a digital edge on its rivals....

Latin America: US meat exporters hail red tape cuts

Free trade agreements and less red tape have supported growth in South America, but consumers need educating on American protein, the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) has warned.

Naked Bacon boosts provenance with digital labels

US meat company Naked Bacon is working with Label Insight to offer SmartLabel digital labelling on its products to help consumers learn more about the food they eat.

Russian meat firms develop consumer packs to support sales

Top Russian meat producers are increasingly producing meat in so-called ‘consumer packs’, with the aim of gaining a bigger sales margin in this segment of the market.

Chicken is the most popular protein with Gen X

Meat consumption figures reveal poultry’s popularity is strongest with Generation X, but it is not just them that crave chicken as demand surges across America. 

Kerala’s ‘fat tax’ could shrink meat sales in India

Meat sales in the southern Indian state of Kerala are expected to fall after the imposition of a 14.5% ‘fat tax’ on western-style fast-food items.

SuperMeat wants you to produce lab-grown chicken

SuperMeat, an Israeli biotechnology start-up, wants $2.5m so it can develop a groundbreaking gadget that allows consumers to grow chicken breasts at home. 

Ramadan sparks Lebanon meat sales increase

Meat suppliers in Lebanon were boosted by a surge in meat sales during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

German blood sausage wins protected status

A German blood sausage, popular for over 200 years, has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the European Commission.

Danish Crown: no post-Brexit meat drop

Meat processor Danish Crown has spoken about the 'good market' for pork in Europe as the continent comes to terms with Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Polish lamb demand signals import surge

A senior figure at the Polish-British Chamber of Commerce has stressed the opportunity the Polish market presents to global lamb exporters with the nation braced for a surge in consumption.

Celebrity chef Pete Evans pens Arcadian meat deal

Australian TV chef Pete Evans has signed a bumper contract with Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co to continue his ambassadorial work for a further two years. 

Burgers disappoint US consumers

US burgers rank below the national average for customer satisfaction, but a focus on high-quality ingredients could see fast food chains encroach on restaurant industry territory.

Meat industry goes online in Russia

Meat traders in Russia are exploring online operations, ushering in what experts claim is a new era of transparency for the sector and offering particular benefits to organic suppliers.

France Euro 2016 boosts pork demand

The UEFA 2016 Euro football tournament has helped boost demand for pork in Europe, according to data from UK levy board AHDB Pork. 

US beef industry targets millennials

Seven organisations have zeroed in on a third of the US population in an ambitious and digitally savvy campaign to get Generation Y cooking with beef.

Meat quality concern raised by Czech authorities

The labelling of tinned meat in the Czech Republic – largely imported from Germany and Poland – is misleading, according to the Czech Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (SZPI).