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Meat quota row stalls EU-Canadian free trade talks

Free trade talks between the European Union (EU) and Canada, staged since 2009, have hit an 11th-hour hurdle over Canadian demands to sell more beef and pigmeat in Europe’s lucrative...

Keep meat innovation simple, says Mintel

Meat companies need to keep innovation simple if they want to tap into the growing demand for new product development within the consumer base.

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Detection set to rise in US meat firms

Detection specialist Mettler Toledo is anticipating growing demand within the meat sector thanks to changes in US regulation.

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Closer analysis possible for mince processors

Mince and ground meat processors will now be able to accurately analyse their production in real time according to Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Japan lowers age restrictions on Canadian beef

Japan has agreed to ease age restrictions on beef from Canada, which could lead to a doubled market value of exports resulting in up to C$150m annually.

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Newcastle disease spread in Eastern Europe

Bulgarian authorities have reported more than 350 cases of Newcastle disease in flocks of backyard poultry.

Freeze the footprint of food, advises WWF

The industry needs to freeze the footprint of food, delegates to the International Production and Processing Expo (International Poultry Expo) were told.

Japan eases age restriction on US beef

The US meat industry has hailed a deal that will see Japan relax age restrictions on US beef imports.

ASF suspected in Belarus disease outbreak

Several hundreds of pigs have been culled in the Brest region of Belarus, following an outbreak of disease among animals in the villages of Golevichi and Omnevichi.

WTO considers US-Argentina beef import dispute

A World Trade Organization (WTO) disputes panel has been established to rule on whether US bans on Argentine beef imports are legal under global trade laws.

Tests reveal horse DNA in Spanish burgers

A consumer group in Spain has claimed it has discovered horse DNA in beef burgers sold by Spanish supermarkets.

Russia enforces US and Canadian chilled meat ban

Russia has banned the import of chilled meat from the US and Canada, claiming the countries have continued to ship meat with traces of the veterinary drug ractopamine.

Rabobank forecasts pork price weakness

Despite a strong start to 2013 for global pork prices, the Dutch bank Rabobank has predicted some weakness in prices to come at the end of the first quarter (Q1).

Canada backs Saskatchewan livestock research

The Canadian federal government has announced a C$3.4m in funding for 23 livestock and forage research projects in the province of Saskatchewan.

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Czech Republic to release grain from stores

The government in the Czech Republic is to release cereal reserves from state storage for cattle, pig and poultry farmers.

Irish food bodies identify source of horse meat burger scandal

Food safety officials in Ireland claim they have tracked down the source of horse DNA found in beef burgers produced by ABP subsidiary Silvercrest.

Ireland to take action on SBV

Schmallenberg has taken hold in the Republic of Ireland, with its agricultural department meeting farmers and vets this month to formulate a strategy after “numerous” cases emerged among early lambing...

US senators call for action on EU trade barriers

Four US senators have called for EU barriers on US meat and other agricultural products to be addressed as a “priority” in trade negotiations.

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Brazil and EU to co-operate on animal welfare

Brazil and the EU have signed an agreement to share knowledge and expertise on animal welfare.

Australian beef faces bright future in Russia

Australian beef exporters have bright prospects in the Russian market in 2013, with the potential to boost supplies by more than 1.5 times year-on-year, according to predictions from experts.

Russia to put additional backing behind meat producers

Russian officials have vowed to support meat producers with a package of measures so the country can develop new export opportunities on meat.

Supplement could boost immunity in young pigs

The use of a bacterial supplement could boost the health of young pigs during weaning, according to new research from the US.

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McDonald’s sees small rise in Q4 profits

Global burger giant McDonald’s has reported a small increase in profit for the fourth quarter of 2012, boosted by the recovery of US sales in December.

Japan to relax US beef restrictions

Japan could lift restrictions on US beef as early as next month, according to local news sources.

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